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party entertainment Asheville, NC fun thing to do
Western North Carolina stage comedy
drama group entertaining event Asheville, NC fun thing to do
party entertainment drama group Western North Carolina stage comedy
Asheville, NC fun thing to do entertaining event drama group
No Stage Needed
Our company has performed over 200 mystery shows in a wide variety of locations, including banquet halls, restaurants, country clubs, bed & breakfasts, and even aboard the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.

Our seasoned group of actors come professionally costumed to your location for an event your guests will not soon forget.

We offer ten different, highly interactive scripts to choose from, and for more fun we can customize each to include names and fun facts about members of your group. (Click Here for a partial listing and descriptions of scripts.)

Renaissance Hotel Asheville & Bittersweet Productions present

Mystery Dinner Theatre

My Fatal Valentine by Eileen Moushey

Saturday February 12, 2011

6pm reception and wine tasting. Cash bar available
7pm dinner... and the surprises that follow

Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin Street, Asheville NC 28801
Reservations: 828-210-3022
For further details, please click on the flyer image to the left.

drama group party entertainment
Asheville, NC fun thing to do
drama group Audience Participation
Our zany characters add to the fun as actors create scenes amongst the tables during the meal. After the inevitable crime, each table becomes a detective agency and works together to bring the villain to justice, just in time for coffee and dessert.
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drama group All Nightshade Mystery Theatre events can be customized to fit your theme and to include the names and fun bits of information about your guests. Our mystery characters can be in touch with your guests subsequent to your event through newsletters, e-mail, and other correspondence to build interest and encourage participation.
drama group drama group
entertaining event
Western North Carolina stage comedy drama group Asheville, NC fun thing to do
party entertainment Western North Carolina stage comedy Asheville, NC fun thing to do
drama group entertaining event party entertainment
Special Events
Our company, Bittersweet Productions, can create an unforgettable program for any event — a lively luncheon for spouses; costumed characters to welcome your guests; and a musical fashion show of period costumes including the history of the “little black dress” and brides through the ages.

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drama group
Asheville, NC fun thing to do We Come to Your Location
Nightshade Mystery Theatre is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC. However, we will travel to your location, near and far. for more information.
Western North Carolina stage comedy entertaining event
drama group Samples of Nightshade Mystery Theatre Scripts
Asheville, NC fun thing to do
party entertainment Western North Carolina stage comedy drama group entertaining event Asheville, NC fun thing to do
drama group

Curtains at the Speakeasy  by the Haymakers
Boss Dynamite Devine’s “organization” comes together for daughter Faith’s birthday celebration. Devine’s ex-wife Josephine is there as well as new wife Dixie, and all the usual suspects. It’s the eve of the end of prohibition and the Boss is leaving on his honeymoon. Is he planning an early retirement? Who will he leave in charge? Is there a snitch in the organization? Whose candles will be blown out? The hilarious and unexpected resolution answers all questions.

My Fatal Valentine  by Eileen Moushey
The most popular romance novelists of Heartthrob Books gather to compete for the coveted Love Knot Award. Following hilarious readings from the nominated works…but before the winner can claim the prize... the publishers are one writer down. With the help of the audience, the security team must sort out a connection with the FBI; who’s being blackmailed; what happened to the prize money; and who is Caliban Stern?

The Haunting  by Eileen Moushey
The engagement party of Charlotte and Henry (and Charlotte’s plans to elope with Diamond Jack) is recalled plus the fact that it was cut short by the loss one of the grooms 100 years ago. When Alberto the Great comes on stage to perform a few psychic tricks, the ghosts come out of the woodwork to tell their tale of greed, jealousy and passion! (They won’t disappear until the mystery is solved.) THE HAUNTING is appropriate for Halloween or any night in the dark of the moon.

Imported Spirits  by the Haymakers
The setting for this Appalachian mystery is the 1922 convention of SSPAM, Society of Supernaturalists, Psychics, & American Mentalists. The widow of SSPAM founder Harry Doohini is there, as well as an assortment of seers, clairvoyants, and a tea leaf reader. But all are not who they seem. Moonshiners have seized upon this meeting to make contact with the owner of a big city speakeasy to spirit their spirits out of town. If white lightening is at hand, can the revenuers be far behind? The psychic energy of the audience will be necessary to uncover a villain.

A Final Homecoming  by the Haymakers
A mysterious gem mine, an amazing tattoo, and a scheme to develop the mountain ridges are just some of the secrets spilled when the Higbee Clan’s gathering includes the real estate developer Tony T. Dantoni. Momma Flora Mae has come in protest; sister Clementine has brought her fanged pet Rufus; daughter Pansy is there looking for a career and maybe a husband; and Hiram, the next door neighbor, is filled with mountain spirits. Who’s going to buy the farm?

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A Recipe To Die For  by the Haymakers
Round one of The Platinum Skillet, a fierce cook-off between some of the country’s best chefs has begun. Southern cook Polly Fritter, California cuisine artist Julia Toast, and Cajun Chef Andréh Benyeah are first up. Audience members may be sampling the evidence as they work to solve the mystery. Could the proof be in the pudding?

Right Under The Devil’s Nose  by the Haymakers
Modern day treasure hunters gather to mount an expedition to seek Inca treasure at the bottom of Lake Titimama in Cuenca, Ecuador. Is the fearless leader, Johnny Lonne, another Indiana Jones, or is he the con artist of the century? The expedition team of security detectives, Captain Stickleback, Chef Fern, Dr. Laura Lief-Lonne, and all the investors in the audience must find the answer to solve a mystery.

Murder in the Wind  by Anne O. Nymous
Set at a 1949 gala premiere of a new film by Hugh R. Awsum, our mystery provides a glorious reason for guests to dress up in evening wear of the past or present. The stars Cliff B. Noates and Isabelle Rhinghing are there, as well as “Mr. Stunt,” Ben Dover. The guest lists also includes Mr. Awsum’s fiancée of 20 years, Dot Comn, and Anita Tallwon, the next starlet to shine in his collection. As the film begins, shots ring out; someone is no more and the only viewing is of a body. Detectives Ed and Ned Head help the guests sort out the innocent from the guilty.

Silent Death  by John Pankow
A gala reunion of silent movie stars sets the stage for revenge on a grand scale. Noted director Cedric B. de Ville is on the guest list as well as his ex-wife Louella Harper, a grown-up Baby Dimples and the queen of the silent screen, Constance Desmond. Audience members jopin the studio detectives to sort out the evidence of a poison pen, teeth marks, the scrap of a birth certificate, and a smudge of gun powder to solve the mystery

Without a Heart  by the Haymakers
Nightshade’s first Biltmore mystery, is set in the year 1902. Descendants of Napoleon and his enemies, a kooky poetess, a dealer in antiquities, and the Vanderbilts’ most persistent houseguests, the Devore Sisters, are brought together to witness the unveiling of a silver vessel that holds the Emperor’s heart. When the heart goes a missing, everyone is a suspect and audience members and the detectives of the Pomme de Terre Agency must find the guilty, as well as the clueless.

Scripts are also available for use by other theater groups.
Please for more information.

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party entertainment Western North Carolina stage comedy drama group entertaining event drama group
drama group Asheville, NC fun thing to do
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